I'm Donna M. and I'm so excited to actually get my own website up and running! For an amateur like me, it was a challenge but so satisfying to see the finished website. 

This is the next step for me and my husband, Bruce. We got into the reselling business by selling at local flea markets. As the business expanded, we began selling online through Facebook, LetGo and OfferUp. Now we branching into our very own website and online thrift store! We feature used secondhand clothing, baby goods, toys and sports items, and household goods among other beautiful treasures. We are located in Elizabeth City, NC, for items that cannot be shipped and need to be picked-up in person.

I will tell you upfront that most of our products are previously used but we only sell products that are in good condition, clean, and usable. If it doesn't meet our standard of quality, we don't sell it here. We do want our customers to be happy and return for more purchases so we check products for any damage. If something (such as a piece of furniture) does have damage, we will tell you about it in the product description and show it in the photos. However, if you have questions about a product or its condition, please contact us at

Be sure to check out our Etsy and Poshmark stores at:

Most of our items can also be found on our Facebook page or group.