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All About Me

I'm Donna McDonald and I am so excited to be building my own blog! I've never done this before so bear with me while I go through some growing pains.


I moved from Martinsburg, WV, to Elizabeth City, NC with my husband, Bruce, in December 2020. By moving, we live closer to my parents and sister in Chesapeake, VA, and now get to see them on a more regular basis. I have two daughters, Rachel and Sarah, from a previous marriage. Rachel lives in South Bend, IN, and Sarah lives in York, PA. Being so far away, I don't get to see them often but I absolutely love it when I do and I cherish every moment of each visit!

I love cooking and cross-stitch and look forward to sharing both of those with you. I admit to not being a professional photographer so I hope you will overlook crumbs, small spills/drips, etc that may appear in my photos of my recipes I share with you. 

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