My husband and I started out small out of necessity. Bruce was unemployed and looking for a way to still earn money to help pay the bills. We started going to a local flea market on the weekends to sell items we no longer needed.
We moved away for a few years before coming to the Martinsburg, WV area. We found a new flea market to help pay bills. It wasn't long before the business expanded. Soon we needed more inventory than we could find at yard sales. We became our version of "Storage Wars" buying storage units at auction. It felt like a treasure hunt going through the unit contents! There were a lot of trips to the dump but we found a lot of treasures! We also found a local online auction and became a frequent buyer of those treasures.
Although most of our goods are used, we only sell goods that are in good condition, clean and usable. Otherwise, it goes to the dump. My husband loves to say, "Chunk it!" for unusable goods.
Our sales have expanded also. We still sell at the local flea market but also sell at the local online auction, Facebook, LetGo, and OfferUp. Now we are adding out very own online store!
We are so excited about this new venture and hope you become a frequent guest here.
Bruce and I during our trip to Savannah, GA.
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